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52 Date Night Challenge

27 Jul

My husband signed up for his first semester of classes today. Our schedule will look as such..

8 AM-Mindi leaves
11:30 AM Jeff leaves and drops the kids off at moms
1:45 PM Mindi picks kids up from moms
8:15 PM Jeff heads home

This means a date night is completely something we can no longer skip. We will need this time to be together, to see each other, and to stay close. We are doing a 52 date night challenge.

Every Friday night (Jeff doesn’t have classes that day I am only at my internship until 2) we will have a date night. We will take turns planning our date nights and we will completely disconnect from technology. No phones or computers after 5 PM. Most of our dates will be at home. And you will get a detailed entry of it that weekend.

I am so excited for this! Do you have any date ideas? Come on, help me out.


Vicarious Trauma [Aurora Shooting]

23 Jul

I feeling very very traumatized by everything that happened.

I just got off the phone with the trauma counselor.

You wont understand how its affecting me unless you have been in this situation.

This theater is mere miles from my home…a handful of blocks from where we have had the kids’ parties…I used to drive by this theater daily when I watched Jaycee.

I dont feel safe anymore. I am jumpy, paranoid, and panicked. I havent left the house since we got home. I feel like if I leave it will happen to me.

This is irrational, I know that, but I cant change how I feel.

Summer Pasta

19 Jul

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Two Ingredient Dessert

17 Jul

Can I just say, I love pinterest.  I really, really do.  I use it for many things.  This past weekend we went to family dinner at my mother in laws.  My sister in law gave birth to my awesome nephew this past week and I cannot get enough baby time!  I decided to bring some lemon bars for dessert.

So these are pretty much the easiest bars I have ever made…

You take this…


Mix it with nothing else but this….



Just mix it up nice and good, bake for 25 minutes or until golden brown on 350 and you get this



The entire pan was gone in 10 minutes!  It was a hit, and super easy


DIY Fabric Softener

17 Jul

I am allergic to store bought fabric softener.  I cannot use it at all, nor can I use dryer sheets.  For 7 long years my husband has complained about his clothes feeling “stiff” and I cant really do anything unless I wash his clothes seperate, and he doesnt really want that.

So I did a little research.

Vinegar is great at stripping the soap out of your clothing and softening it.  Hair condition smells yummy and is very cheap.  Here is the recipe…

6 cups VERY hot water 3 cups vinegar ($1.32 for a gallon) 2 cups conditioner (I used suave ocean breeze) ($1.98 for 22.5 ounces)

COST: 1.66 for 3 quarts.

Pour the hot water into a container with the conditioner until it dissolves.  Mix in the vinegar.  Store in containers and fill a downy ball put it in the wash.  I made my batch and it filled 3-1 quart mason jars.  Last night my husband slept on sheets washed with it and he LOVED IT!


Let me know if you use this recipe and what you think…I have never used fabric softener so while this is a HUGE difference for me, I have nothing else to compare it to.

Cold brews

4 Jul

I have been MIA for a little while, life got crazy, my blog suffered.  Today I am back with a new found passion for my blogging and my growing as a homemaker, even if that means my free time is taken up by learning new things and new ways to do things.

Today I am learning the art of cold brewing coffee.  One of my online friends came to visit us this weekend.  She is someone I would love to learn from and I do learn from every day.  She cold brews her coffee and shared a jar of it with my husband.  He is a huge coffee drinker, me not so much.  I am excited to try this new way of brewing they say that it takes the bitterness away.

Right now I have three jars in the fridge brewing.  Its 1/3 cup of coffee grounds per one cup of water.  You mix it in a jar or container, and then you let it sit for 8 hours.  After 8 hours you filter the grounds out of the jar.

Then you keep it in the refidgerator.  It will keep for up to a week.  It is is best served diluted, (either a one to three ratio or a one to one ratio).  So one half cup cold brew coffee to one half cup water.  I am excited to try this. 

I will let you know the reviews after my husband trys it in the morning!