52 Date Night Challenge

27 Jul

My husband signed up for his first semester of classes today. Our schedule will look as such..

8 AM-Mindi leaves
11:30 AM Jeff leaves and drops the kids off at moms
1:45 PM Mindi picks kids up from moms
8:15 PM Jeff heads home

This means a date night is completely something we can no longer skip. We will need this time to be together, to see each other, and to stay close. We are doing a 52 date night challenge.

Every Friday night (Jeff doesn’t have classes that day I am only at my internship until 2) we will have a date night. We will take turns planning our date nights and we will completely disconnect from technology. No phones or computers after 5 PM. Most of our dates will be at home. And you will get a detailed entry of it that weekend.

I am so excited for this! Do you have any date ideas? Come on, help me out.


One Response to “52 Date Night Challenge”

  1. Missy Ballard Baker August 7, 2012 at 1:11 pm #

    sounds like yall have a good plan…might try that with my hubby

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