14 Aug

I recently read a book by Dave Ramsey.  If you haven’t read it I really, really recommend it.  All of his books are really good.  Money is the one thing in my life that completely stresses me out.  I need to learn to control my money and make it work for me.  My first step is to get an emergency fund.  Its going to only be a basic emergency fund per Dave’s program.

I am doing a few challenges on a forum I am on as well.  

2012 fling challenge

I want to throw away 2012 things by January 1st.  My total count so far is 1 item haha.

2012 minutes of organizing

I am horrible at organizing so I want to do 2012 minutes of it by January 1st!  My total count so far 0 Minutes

20 pinterest projects

I want to do 5 projects a month starting in September until January!  You will get full details on them all of course.

Blogging 32 times

I want to do 8 blogs a month until January!

This is of course a short blog, but its only the beginning!


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