22 Feb

Jeff and I were talking about my dream of a mountain homestead.

We won’t be able to move into the mountains until I graduate with my Master’s Degree.

That will be after I turn 30, so in 5 years.  

At that point in our life we will have a 12 year old, 10ish year old, 8 year old and 6 year old plus any babies that we have between now and then.

I want to be able to pay for the land in full before I get a loan/mortgage to build our house.  I would also like to have a nice big down payment before we start building.  I want to go into as little debt as possible for this house.  I have never had a mortgage, and I surely didn’t like paying rent.  Right now our home is paid off, and we have minimal bills.  I would be using this home as a rental property.  It will bring in about a thousand a month.

We have thought seriously before about full-timing….moving into an RV and traveling or living in it for a while.  I love the thought of it, even though that is a lot of kids in an RV, I know a family who has over 12 in one!  Anyway, we have thought seriously about doing it before.  What if we plant that RV on a concrete slab on our mountain property, and move into it while we save and build the house?  I would be comfortable saving for a year after my Masters, and getting a good paying job.

Starting salary for what I will be doing is 50 grandish a year.  Not a lot, but hey, when our bills are less than 1000 a month, its a lot.  If we continued living here, I would say realistically we will be able to put 35,000 away, I dont really like that, so it would have to be two years, so we can put 70 down on the house/building process.  If I really wanted to be patient, we could wait until I was 35 and I could work those 5 years.  We would be able to put 175,000 down on the house, and probably pay the whole thing off honestly if I go with my gut and keep it low key.  

By 35, I would have two homes paid off, and one of them would be my dream home.  I guess my first step in this, to get my land.  Then my Master’s degree.  Then my house.


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