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101 Things I have Already Accomplished

11 Jan

Here is a list of things I have achieved already!

1. Got a certificate in Business Services.
2. Purchased a home
3. Purchased a one year old car and paid in cash for it.
4. Graduated top of my class in high school.
5. Aged out of foster care
6. Got Married
7. Gave birth to Chloe
8. Gave birth to Nevaeh
9. Gave birth to Maddox
10. Gave birth to Junior
11. Worked for a year as a volunteer on a rape crisis hotline
12. Climbed 56 floors of stairs in 58 minutes (Fight for air climb)
13. Successfully grew two tomato plants
14. Made bread from scratch
15. Learned how to ride a jetski
16. Moved to my dream city [denver]
17. Learned to sew!!
18. Adopted a dog from the humane society
19. Went to Mall of America
20. Stayed Married longer than my mom and dad
21. Had a relationship last longer than 7 years (still counting)
22. Learned CPR
23. Made it to world finals for Odyssey of the Mind
24. Spent a night in jail
25. Rode a Greyhound Bus across the country
26. Swam in the ocean
27. Learned to drive a manual
28. Made an apple pie from scratch
29. Been to a Rockies game
30. Got confirmed
31. Swam in the hotsprings
32. Went to the Great Sand Dunes National Park
33. Went to White Sands National Park
34. Went to the St. Louis Arch
35. Gone camping
36. Stood exactly one mile high above sea level
37. Met someone famous “billy gilman”
38. Met an online friend (Katia)
39. Lived in a convent
40. Rode on a roller-coaster
41. Watch an eclipse
42. Kept a journal for 5 years
43. Shot a deer
44. Bought a Kitchenaide
45. Learned to swim
46. Learned how to Loom
47. Went to Mt Rushmore
48. Driven up Pikes Peak
49. Rode in an 18 wheeler
50. Rode a horse
51. Made a clay pot
52. Been to A Billy The Kid hideout
53. Went to the top of Grandad’s Bluff (Wisconsin)
54. Been to the Packer Hall of Fame
55. Got a state internship
56. Overcome homelessness
57. Been to Mexico
58. Gotten in a car accident
59. Eaten Rocky Mountain Oysters
60. Had surgery
61. Gotten a tattoo
62. Cast my vote in an election
63. Been to the capital building of Colorado
64. Been to Red Rocks
65. Gone to a Midnight Premier
66. Had over 10,000 dollars cash in my hand
67. Had a pet snake
68. Eaten at a place many famous people eat at (The Fort)
69. Made a charitable donation
70. Had a poem published
71. Watched every SUV episode made to date.
72. Been to Casa Bonita
73. Visited the Columbine Memorial
74. Been to DIA (but never on a plane)
75. Testified against my step father
76. Confronted my mom for what she did
77. Watched the entire Lost Series
78. Been in a poly relationship.
79. Had a prison penpal
80. Had a threesome
81. Homeschooled
82. Gave a speech at my grandmothers funeral
83. Met my Great Grandfather
84. Camped out for Black Friday
85. Successfully gave something up for lent
86. Decorated a cake
87. Been a sales consultant
88. Ran a meet up group.
89. Driven a natural gas vehicle
90. Made a Rachel Ray Recipe
91. Gotten a drivers license
92. Been to the Angel Museum (Janesville WI)
93. Driven in Chicago
94. Gone hiking
95. Climbed to the top of the highest building in Denver
96. Got accepted to a University
97. Used Skype!
98. Drank farm fresh milk
99. Been to a water park
100. Rode on a Duck in the Wisconsin River
101. Watched my High School Team play a state championship game.