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Break the Bread!

26 May

Well, I think I have officially decided I am a keeper!

We know that I am not the best homemaker I can be, and that is why I am doing what I am doing in this blog, I am making some changes, goals, and steps towards being an amazing Susie.  

Today was a complete WIN.  I started out my day by baking bread.  I have never used yeast in my cooking or baking.  I have always been intimidated by it.  Well I found an “Easy Beginner Bread Recipe” thanks to google, and decided to try it.  

It was simple.  It was *gasp* EASY.  It turned out so, so wonderful.  At 20 minutes of baking I pulled it out, and basted the top with butter again, and put it back in for 10 minutes.  It was moist but very dense.  It tasted amazing.  My 6 year old daughter told me “wow momma, you make better bread than the store does”.  Thank you baby, its an amazing feeling to know you like it.  

My husband also is a fan, he told me to add it to my keep list!  Yay for winning!  


The loaf ended up being a yummy snack, and then we had a slice each with dinner as well..

For dinner, I also did AMAZING.

I took a 16 oz package of freshly sliced mushrooms, and sauteed them in EVOO.  I added that to a jar of spaghetti sauce and served it over freshly cheese stuffed tortellini, with grilled zucchini, and bread.  Yum.  The kids ate it all, and my husband confessed to me that grilled zucchini is his favorite summer veggie!  

I am able to cross off my summer to do list a thing or two which is amazing.  I will continue to journal this journey through life.  I do plan on making another loaf of bread tonight, and an apple pie, as tomorrow we are having a bbq while my husband and in laws are building a shed for us!  How exciting!!