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My Knight in Shining Armor [part 2]

24 May

Well where was I?  Oh yeah I was on a bus to Denver Colorado.  An hour from my departure point, the bus’s brakes caught on fire!  They melted and no longer worked, so about 30 miles from my layover bus we were stuck on the road for 3 hours.  They finally sent another bus and we arrived in Minneapolis.  They had to lay me over in a hotel over night since they had no other buses going out until morning.  I stayed in a hotel, called my Knight, and we talked on the phone all night, and I even fell asleep on the phone with him.

The next morning I hopped on another bus and was on my way.  We arrived in Denver at 6 AM the next morning!  It was completely crappy as far as the bus ride goes, but I was happy to finally be there.  He met me at the bus station, and greeted me with a hug.

I spent the next week in a teen runaway shelter.  My mom called me, told me she was staying with her husband, and that I should come home.  My dad called me, and told me I could come stay with him.  A week after I arrived at the most beautiful place in the United States (my opinion, sorry), my father purchased two bus tickets to get me home.  One for me, and one for my knight.

When I arrived back in Wisconsin, I filed charges against my step dad.  We moved across the state to where my dad lived, and I tried to get back into the swing of things.  In March of 2005 my step mother and my father decided that I was “unstable” and they were going to put me in a mental hospital, things went downhill fast.  I was given a car by my dad when I had first moved there, but it was still in his name…

Well when they told me they were going to put me into a mental hospital, I got in the car I was given and drove back to Denver.  My father reported the car stolen and pressed charges.  In April 2005, Jeff and I found out we were pregnant.  I was still under 18, and I could not get any medical care without coming home.  So I returned to Wisconsin.

My father obviously no longer wanted me.  I was facing 6 felonies for taking my car.  I moved into my aunts home, pregnant, while Jeff was in Denver.  My aunt couldnt pay her bills, and decided I was too expensive.  I was put in Foster Care, and Jeff moved back to Wisconsin.

I pled guilty to a Misd. Theft charge and I was forbidden to see Jeff because he was over 18 and I was under 18.    I was due with Chloe on Christmas, and I still had to finish high school.  I turned 18 on December 12th, I graduated high school (as Valedictorian) on December 16th, and I moved in with Jeff on December 29th at noon.  There was still no baby!

This is to be continued as well…I may have another entry coming tonight!