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Cinnamon Bread and Jet Skis!!

30 May

So, lets talk about my weekend.  Where’d I leave off?

Oh right, on Saturday.

Well Sunday was full of nothingness, running around getting ready for our trip to the lake house on Monday and picking up my sister in law, nothing too exciting!

I did however make some yummy cinnamon swirl bread!  I didnt take a picture [FAIL] but we had it for breakfast Monday morning on our way up to the lake.  The girls enjoyed it more then my regular bread, and I will be totally making it again soon AKA tomorrow because we have another trip planned!

Memorial day we went to the lake.  “The Lake” is a magical place my step-father-in-laws family owns, and we spend the majority of our summers up there.  Here is a panoramic view of this place…


Those blue and white Jet Skis are the girls’ best friends during the summer, and the rope hanging from the tree is something I have always wanted to do, but I have been so scared to do it.  So, we will see if I do it before I die haha.

Here is how my babies spent their day…


We all got too much sun, too much water, and not enough family!

I did manage to make another new recipe tonight.  I made succotash…I never knew it was a real thing haha.

Can of Corn
Can of Lima Beans
2 TBSP butter
and pepper to taste

Cook the lima beans and corn up melt the butter in the corn/lima bean mixture, and pepper to taste, let simmer for about 15 minutes so it can soak up all the yummy flavor!

As of June 1st, I will start my 365 picture project!